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Someone to showbiz born like Julia Barretto has so many aces up her sleeve. The family name opens doors. The beauty gene she is born with makes second looks automatic, even expected.

Staying in the public eye is another thing altogether. And Julia’s parents, former actors Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla are not lacking in giving pieces of advice where this is concerned.

“My parents told me to stay humble and nice, because that’s how people are gonna remember you. You may be the best actress, but if you’re not nice, bale wala din yung acting skills mo,” the endorser of Jollibee Yum said.

Making choices

Since she’s young and all eyes are focused on her, Julia gets so many pieces of advice on what choices she should make. But she knows that it is only she who can decide on what to do and what not to do. It is, after all, her life.

“At the end of the day, it’s your own satisfaction that counts. It’s how you’re gonna feel. I ask myself it it’s gonna be good for me, or if it will make me happy.”

She knows school is good for her, so she makes it a point to go to classes despite her hectic schedule.

“School is a must,” Julia says.

A good laugh

But like any normal teenager, she knows all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. So she gets a good laugh while treating herself to her favorite hobby: watching a comedy film, or a romantic comedy.

Julia admits she enjoyed “The Notebook” so much, she watched it twice.

This, and other things that make her happy, give Julia the energy to fulfill her school and showbiz commitments. Julia will need more of these re-energizing moments as she reaches for her dreams – both long term and immediate -- a business of her own, acting awards, more TV shows, movies , and of course, a college diploma.

As always, she will remember what her parents have told her about dealing with people, no matter what station in life they happen to be in.

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MANILA, Philippines – After almost a one year wait, Julia Barretto is all set for the airing for her debut soap opera “Mira Bella.”
It can be remembered that the Kapamilya network announced that Julia will star in the TV remake of the classic film “Confradia.” However, the network decided to scrap the project over complaints about the project’s alleged racist content. This paved way for “Mira Bella,” the young actress’ first major television project after she was launched last year.
In the show, Julia will play as Mira, a young girl cursed with wood-like skin. 
Syempre, when na-cancel yung ‘Confradia,’ nalungkot ako. Pero I didn’t lose hope,” Julia told members of the press in a media gathering on Tuesday, March 11. “Worth it naman yung paghihintay.”
“I want to take it step by step. Ayoko madaliin ang sarili. I don’t want to pressure myself. Dahan-dahan lang. Ayoko naman bigyan sarili ko ng pressure na kailangan ganito na kaagad,” the 17-year-old actress said when asked if she’s pressured by the expectations placed on her shoulders, especially being part of the prominent Barretto showbiz family.
Julia added, “Of course we all start here. And we all work hard.”
The young actress, of course, is the daughter of Marjorie Barretto. Gretchen and Claudine Barretto are her aunts.
Playing Julia’s love interest on the show is actor Enrique Gil, who will play Jeremy, Mira’s blind best friend. 
The two are hoping their onscreen partnership will click with the viewers and attain the same success attained by the young love team of Daniel Padilla and Kathyrn Bernado.
Syempre, kung may love team yung show, mas okay kung mag-click talaga yung love team namin. We’re just doing our best,” Enrique said. “Ginagawa namin ang lahat para sa show na ito.”
Julia added, however, that she’s want to pave her own path in show business as well. 
“They (Daniel and Kathryn) are very successful, we all want to be successful. Pero sana different path naman yung mapuntahan ko,” she said.
Enrique and Julia, who turned 17 just recently, spoke to the media to promote “Mirabella” via a birthday party-themed press conference.
Since both young stars say they’re single, the entertainment press jokingly asked Enrique and Julia if there’s a possibility for their friendship to blossom into a romantic relationship. 
“I’m just 17 right now and I have ‘Mirabella’ to take care of,” Julia said. “That will come e, di ba? It will come. I have so much time to enjoy right now.”
“Mirabella” will premiere this March on ABS-CBN.

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